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Underwriters are needed to identify and calculate a policyholder’s risk of loss. They also work to establish appropriate premium rates, and to write policies that cover these risks.

At Manulife, there are two areas where underwriters provide value.  In the Individual Insurance business an underwriter assesses the financial risk of prospective and in-force clients. They will also:

  • assess risks and determine appropriate rates
  • assist sales in establishing and maintaining business relationships
  • provide on-going client support through problem resolution
  • work with Client Financial Reporting to ensure the timely release of financial reports to our clients

The other area where underwriters provide services at Manulife is within Group Benefits.  Group contracts are making up an increasing proportion of insurance sales, particularly in life and health insurance. A standard group policy insures everyone in a specified group through a single contract at a standard premium rate. The group underwriter analyzes the overall composition of the group, assuring that total risk is within the Company’s overall risk tolerance.

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The following is a list of knowledge, skills and behaviours that are valuable qualifications for all underwriters:

  • be service- and team-oriented
  • ability to create and maintain customer relationship
  • strong mathematical, analytical, decision making, communication (verbal and written), presentation, organizational, negotiation, computer, problem solving and consulting skills
  • able to work independently

Educational/experience requirements include:

  • post secondary education or equivalent work experience
  • knowledge of medical, non-medical and financial underwriting principles and practices
  • understand the financial implications of underwriting decisions and corporate financial statements for financial underwriting
  • case management skills
  • LOMA/HIAA designations

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